Jon Zens: Institutional Vs. Organic Church – Part 2

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Jon Zens and Kenny Russell discuss some of the ways that the institutional church has gone astray…

[Part 2 of a 14-part series]

Show: Gottalife Radio
Full Podcast: Capture The Moment – A Church Building Every 1/2 Mile with Jon Zens
Date: 3/9/09
Host: Kenny Russell
Guest: Jon Zens



Jon Zens

There’s nothing more fundamentally pervasive in the religious system–all religious groups have clergy/laity in terms of mainline denominations; It’s just assumed that there are clergy and there are laity… it’s an assumption that looms behind everything that’s done; And yet when you look at the New Testament scholars from all stripes who have looked at the situation in the New Testament, they all admit that there is no clergy/laity distinction in the New Testament; You’ve got hundreds and hundreds of Christians who are just basically sitting passively in pews and singing some songs, and putting money in the plate and listening to a sermon and going home, and there’s no participation of the body–there’s no development of the gifts resident in every believer; The body of Christ is stifled by this clergy/laity distinction; It’s just basically assumed that only certain people can baptize others, only certain people can do the Lord’s Supper, only certain people can teach–there’s all these assumptions, and they’re all wrong; When you look at the New Testament, you see a totally different picture… it was a body with all the parts participating and contributing