Jon Zens: Institutional Vs. Organic Church – Part 5

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Jon Zens and Kenny Russell discuss some of the ways that the institutional church has gone astray, and what to do about it.

[Part 5 of a 14-part series]

Show: Gottalife Radio
Full Podcast: Capture The Moment – A Church Building Every 1/2 Mile with Jon Zens
Date: 3/9/09
Host: Kenny Russell
Guest: Jon Zens



Jon Zens

It’s a sad system… and many pastors are hurting, but they’re taught to basically just keep it to themselves; The only place they can share their burdens would be with other pastors, and so they have to go to ministers conferences…; We just create this whole system where there are all these pieces that have to fit together, and so pastors end up getting caught up in all this way of thinking; If a person really gets serious about the fact that the clergy position is not biblical and is creating more problems than it solves, they would be wise to take steps in their own life and their own ministry to… just function among the people as a brother–to step away, and begin to let the body of Christ come forth… and let others begin to function