Jon Zens: Institutional Vs. Organic Church – Part 6

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Jon Zens and Kenny Russell discuss the changing paradigms of pastors coming out of the institutional church

[Part 6 of a 14-part series]

Show: Gottalife Radio
Full Podcast: Capture The Moment – A Church Building Every 1/2 Mile with Jon Zens
Date: 3/9/09
Host: Kenny Russell
Guest: Jon Zens



Jon Zens

 When people who are church leaders begin to see that a lot of what they’ve been doing is really out of line with the kingdom of Christ, it’s very hard to change paradigms and to go in a different direction cause it has so many implications and ramifications; The Body is a body, and it needs all the parts, and [the pastor] is just one part–he has a function, but it’s not to be the function in the church, and to run everything, and manage everything, and do everything; The institution is not friendly to New Testament ekklesia–it tends to be very defensive and can often lash out with a vengeance to maintain the status quo; This is not a new teaching that we’re talking about… this is about getting back to the New Testament–getting back to the Word of God; Can we address the truth, with eyes of truth?