The purpose of Waking Jonah is to pursue truth, wherever and whenever it may be found.

Just like Jonah ran from God and fell asleep in the midst of a raging storm (Jonah 1:1-6), so too have we run from everything that threatens our worldview and the traditions we’re brought up in. And like Jonah, we have fallen fast asleep.

We are compartmentalized people living in a compartmentalized world. We truly are living in a matrix of competing information, and it takes divine revelation to see truth for for what it is.

Waking Jonah strives to shine the light of truth on the confusion in the world (and the institutional church) and show–little by little–that reality is not what it seems.

By compiling short audio clips and other resources from around the web, Waking Jonah explores some of the more controversial theological topics that most churches are unwilling to discuss. WJ strives to fill in the gap and provide clear biblical teaching to truth seekers of all backgrounds.