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The Early Anabaptists: A People Of The Spirit

Posted by on Friday, 13 July, 2012

Stuart Murray, author of the book, “The Naked Anabaptist“, discusses how the early Anabaptist movement was a Spirit-filled movement, and could even be considered an early charismatic movement.

[Being a charismatic believer myself, while also holding to the Anabaptist tradition, this research really resonates with me!]

Show: Church Matters
Full Podcast: Episode 51: The Anabaptist Has No Clothes
Date: 4/29/11
Hosts: Dan Dyck and Janet Plenert
Guest: Stuart Murray



Stuart Murray

Notes: The extent to which the early Anabaptists were a people of the Spirit; They could be in part described as an early charismatic movement; It’s certainly a movement that’s paid considerable attention to being led by the Spirit as they worshiped, as they read scripture, and in any spheres of life; Those parts of the story appear to have been airbrushed out of Mennonite history