Jon Zens: Institutional Vs. Organic Church – Part 9

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Jon Zens and Kenny Russell compare the accoutrements of the institutional church to the simplicity of organic church life in the New Testament…

[Part 9 of a 14-part series]

Show: Gottalife Radio
Full Podcast: Capture The Moment – A Church Building Every 1/2 Mile with Jon Zens
Date: 3/9/09
Host: Kenny Russell
Guest: Jon Zens



Jon Zens

 People who come out of institutional churches generally carry a lot of baggage with them; The reality is that when groups are trying to meet in a Christ-centered way, they’re gonna have to face this baggage that people have; One thing that would help people who have the baggage would be some good teaching from the Word of God where they can begin to see, “hey, there’s no emphasis on a building, there’s no emphasis on a worship band, there’s no emphasis on people up front”, and all that; So they begin to be liberated to see that all the accoutrements that they thought were so important aren’t there in the New Testament; Isn’t it striking that the most powerful period there in the book of Acts… they had none of the accoutrements that we think are so important;  What does God’s Word really teach? What has the Lord given us? What are His concerns? That’s where we should really put our emphasis