Jon Zens: Institutional Vs. Organic Church – Part 12

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Jon Zens and Kenny Russell discuss the simple, but Spirit-filled life of organic church

[Part 12 of a 14-part series]

Show: Gottalife Radio
Full Podcast: Capture The Moment – A Church Building Every 1/2 Mile with Jon Zens
Date: 3/9/09
Host: Kenny Russell
Guest: Jon Zens



Jon Zens

Notes: Organic church; We have to change that place of our dependence… from leaders, to Christ; This is about Christ-centeredness–this is the organic way, it’s the New Testament way; God is not looking for us to have our buildings anymore, He is looking for us to be the temple of God, to be living stones, and to function through Him; The early church was simple, but in that simplicity it was Spirit-led; Most people can’t handle vulnerability… it is too much for them–they want everything to be spelled out; When you come into a meeting and you don’t know what’s gonna happen, that is something that is very difficult for people, and that’s a new paradigm that people have to become comfortable with; A free and open atmosphere is so conducive to growth… but everybody knows that the worst form–the absolute worst form of communication–is a monologue, which is exactly what a sermon in; So we need a dialogue, not a monologue